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Environmentally friendly fashions and body products.

From remade clothing to natural body products and everything in between.

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Reused Sweaters

Heritage Sweaters

A fun and creative blend of unique fabrics gathered from donated sweaters. Whether you’re donating sweaters for your own Custom Sweater or buying Off The Rack, you’re helping to keep 5 sweaters out of landfill. Our heritage sweaters are designed to be worn until thread bare, and if needed, patched up for generational wear.
natural body care products

Natural Body Care Products

We take herbs and flowers grown organically and infuse them in oil during the summer season. We allow the oil to slowly warm and extract the medicinal properties in the summer sun. We finish by blending the oils with natural plant-based butters, beeswax, and essential oils designed for hydration, repair and safe absorption.

Alteration Services

Alteration Services

From upholstery to pant hemming if it is made of fabric, we most likely can alter it. We specialize in formal wear alterations (Dresses or Suits) Everyday wear alterations (Zippers, Buttons, Hemming, Taking in) Indoor and outdoor Drapery (Curtains, Cushion, Awnings/Gazebo covers)

Ordering Info

Contact us if you would like to order any of our products aberworthygeneral@gmail.com

Payment Methods

We currently accept electronic e-Transfer bank payments.

Delivery Info

Free pick up is available in Oshawa, and we offer free local delivery within Durham Region.

All other locations sent by Canada Post, fees may vary based on location.


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